Finding the Perfect Dress!

Going dress shopping is always fun and exciting, right?  Well, yes!  But of course it can be super stressful as well.  Dress designs, styles, shapes, colors, etc. are limitless and you can try on as many dresses as humanly possible.  For me, trying on dresses was very exciting however, I didn’t go into it limiting myself to anything in particular.  Naturally, I knew what I felt I would like best, and I also knew what I felt I wouldn’t like at all but, like the shows, planners and stylists say – more times than not, a bride goes into trying on dresses with one thing in mind and ends up loving the complete opposite!

I brought along my with me my mom (of course), my future Mother-in-Law, and three of my bridesmaids.  I even had a special guest attend as well :).  I value each of their opinions a lot so I really wanted to know what they thought.  I went to three very beautiful places, Bella Lily Bridal, Mariee of Scottsdale and Destiny’s Bridal.  Let me tell you, each experience was absolutely lovely and the owners/consultants made each visit super special.
I tried on, I want to say, about 25 different dresses total.  Ranging in style, cut, color and fabric.  There were the beautiful sparkle dresses, the simple elegant ones, lace and even the full tulle ones as well.  After trying on the first few, I could tell the cut that I was going for.  Then I tried a few more and became overwhelmed.  I couldn’t recognize which ones I liked versus which ones I loved.  Then, I started realizing that the more I tried on, the higher the cost each one got.  I like to think that I’ll be considerably reasonable on what I spend on my dress so, I had to take a step back and rethink what I was doing.
I don’t want to spill all the beans but I will tell you this.  I am sitting here, writing this blog, about to go back to one of the bridal shops.  Will I find my dress today?  That’s definitely what I keep asking myself.  (Chris is getting worried that we aren’t having a wedding just because I am so indecisive.)  Hopefully, I can come home tonight and say “I said Yes to my Dress.”
For more details on all the lovely gowns, be sure to visit each of their websites by clicking on the hyperlinks.
Cheers to finding a dress!!
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