Designer Spotlight: J’Aton Couture

If it’s your first time here and you couldn’t already tell, we are fashion obsessed. Especially, bridal fashion. People love to stick to tradition when it comes to weddings–which for the record we’re all for. But if you’re going to push any envelope, let it be the fashion envelope. We love it when our brides push the limit a little bit, have fun and explore the plethora of fashion opportunities there are as it relates to bridal fashion. That being said, we like to highlight designers who are really pushing the envelope in the most beautiful way.

Today’s designer feature is J’Aton Couture. If you’re not a bridal fashion fanatic like us, you may have seen their designs on Beyonce!


Now a little bit about J’Aton. J’Aton is the acronym of the Australian designers’, Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino. Both Jacob and Anthony are the masterminds behind this renowned couture house. Each of these designs is made in Italy. How cool is that? These designs are perfect for brides who love silk, tulle, and satin. Some gorgeous aspects we love about these designs are the balloon sleeves, the detail, and the Victorian vibe. Take a look at these gowns and let us know if you’d rock one of these on your wedding day!


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