Creating the Perfect Welcome Gift

When it comes to weddings, guests will travel near and far to celebrate the people they love. What better way to show your appreciation for all of their travels than by having a little welcome gift all wrapped up and awaiting their arrival! If you want to have a killer bag your guests will love, follow these guidelines and there’s no way they’ll be anything less than fabulous!

Make it Personal 1a0e1457256b4ab878a9f38183e75ad3

Every couple shares something they love. Whether it’s baseball, music, or something totally off the wall, take this love and share it with your guests in the form of a souvenir. Find something small and sweet that your guests will get to keep as a reminder of what an amazing time they had celebrating with you.

Quench Their Thirst


We all know hotel mini bars sound like a fantastic idea…until you see the bill upon checkout. Add a couple water bottles and a mini bottle of champagne or two and there won’t be any worries when the weekend is over!


Inform Them


Most traveling guests are going to have an action packed trip, so adding an itinerary is going to help make sure they know exactly where and when they need to be somewhere. Add a contact number so they can reach someone if necessary, a reminder of the dress code, a timeline of events, and any other information you deem critical for them to know.

Treat Them11348252_1653079154949502_555373950_n.jpg

After catching flights, hailing taxis, and dealing with whatever other travel hassles may have occurred, your guests are going to be eternally thankful to get into their room and find something to snack on. Think something sweet, something salty, and definitely think local! Adding local yummies is a great way to give your guests a little glimpse of what your city has to offer.

Thank Them


One of the most important things to the bride and groom is having their friends and family there with them on the biggest day of their life. Knowing this, there are often many sacrifices guests will make to be there. Add a little, and personal, thank you note to each gift to show them just how much their attendance means to you.

By sticking to these guidelines your guests are bound to love you even more than they already do! Make sure to follow us on social media for more tips, tricks, and inspiration!

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