Choosing Wedding Vendors: Tips to Find the Right Professionals For Your Wedding

Your wedding needs to be memorable and that means enlisting the help of experts that can help you mold and create the day of your dreams. This would most commonly include experts in catering, photography, video, and entertainment.

We understand this can get tricky when finding the right one for you, with so many options it can get frustrating. Hiring the right wedding or event planner involves a degree of trial and error and lots of meet-ups that all may not be so successful.

Here are a few tips to use to help narrow down exactly what you are looking for:

Take recommendations lightly. Referrals from relatives and friends could be the best thing that ever happened to you. On the other hand, make sure to consider their taste and the outcome of how their wedding turned out. You also don’t want your wedding feeling like a repeat.

Let your passions decide. Put some time aside for you and your fiancé to take notes on colors, songs, food, or anything that catches your eye. Compare notes. Do you notice a repetitive pattern? Does food dominate your list? Did he only write down song lyrics? What’s on paper matters the most and that will help you to budget what’s most crucial.

Get the dish on them. In order to find the best of the best you have to do your research. Talk to people who have used them before so you can find out what makes these providers special. Snoop on their websites and search for feedback from reviews and blogs to get the real scoop.

Trim the list. When your online snooping is done, you can start trimming your list, by calling the ones you like best. Set a reasonable number, such as an overall top 12, or a top 4 for each needed service, and contact each one. See who you like best and keep the rest for back-up.

Note your first impressions. Be aware of how potential vendors deal with your initial contact: How do they react, how quickly do they respond, and how do they conduct themselves? A good vendor is someone who is a good balance of knowing what to do and being flexible. He or she may not be able to say yes to everything on your list, within your proposed budget, but should be able to offer alternatives that you could find equally satisfying.

Knowing that you can trust your wedding vendors with unforeseen crop-ups on the big day will take loads off your shoulders. Pick someone who grasps your vision, and who shares your passion for the event.

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