Bridal Capes Are The New Veil!
Designer: Lihi Hod  Image: Jose Villa

A recent trend we’re noticing is capes. More and more brides are replacing their veil with capes. And we’re not mad at it!

They’re actually a beautiful alternative. A cape done right will give just the right amount of timelessness and elegance. It also allows for an extra bit of detail you don’t always get with a wedding veil.

A common misconception is that capes are typically popular for winter weddings, but a lightweight lace cape would look just as elegant at a spring, summer, or fall wedding.

If you decide to go with a cape, we recommend a couple things:

 1. Don’t let the cape overpower the dress

One thing you want to prevent is two competing looks. You don’t want one to overpower the other. So it’s important that the dress and cape compliment each other. Keep it simple, yet elegant.

2. Make sure to take it off after the ceremony

Taking the cape of can totally serve as an outfit change between your ceremony dress and your reception dress. This way, you won’t have to buy a whole new dress for your reception. In other words, a cape will save you money. Cha-ching!

3. Yes! They are still great for winter weddings

Trying to figure out how to keep warm if you have a wedding in the middle of winter? A cape would be a perfect option. The best part–winter capes photograph so elegant and beautiful in the snow.

4. Search for the right type of cape for your dress

Finding the perfect cape for your dress can be overwhelming. There are so many different styles, patterns, lengths, and textures. Your dress and your cape need to go together, so its important that you take the time to try on a variety of capes to find the perfect one.

5. Use it to cover up during the ceremony

So you found your perfect bridal gown, but you’re worried it may be too revealing? Capes are a perfect way to cover up if your dress has a deep v or low back. The cape allows for an element of sexy, but also classy.


6. Hire A Bridal Stylist

Capes are different, and can be a little tricky to style. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one. If you are struggling with the idea, but would be interested in wearing a cape on your wedding day, you should definitely think about hiring a bridal stylist to help you.

A bridal stylist always knows best. Allie Rime & Trista Guzman, seasoned bridal stylists and wedding planners, can help you with all your bridal styling needs. Having worked with many high end weddings, they know their stuff when it comes to looking fab on your wedding day. For a stylist consultation, you can contact them at info@btsweddingplanning.com.

Happy wedding planning!




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