Men’s Attire

“A well dressed man is a best accessory a woman can have” – Coco Chanel

At BTS we encourage our grooms to go out of the box, not to be set on the standard black suit or tux. It is the grooms special day as well and his attire should show out just the same as the brides.

Tips and Tricks

-Don’t be afraid to show a little ankle: We love a “show off your socks” moment. Obviously dress to your body type, but we have never seen a shorter pant look bad and we’ve been to a lot of weddings.

-The fit is everything, tailored looks only: This is so important! Make sure your suit or tux fits you exactly the way it should. Nothing looks worse than an oversized suit or tux. A slimming pant is definitely the way to go.


-Outfit change just like the ladies, switch up the jacket and shoes: Like we said before, it is your special day too, dress to impress. We love when the groom has an outfit change. We always say to have some fun with your outfit for reception. If you wear a black suit or tux for ceremony, wear a maroon or blue for reception.

-Experiment with color: Gone are the days that the guys have limited options. The sky is the limit for color options now so don’t be afraid to step out of the box. This includes maroon, burnt orange, emerald, sage, royal blue, all white etc. Stick with the overall look of the wedding, but do not be afraid to awe everyone.


-Texture and patterns are important parts of the whole ensemble: These add dimension and allow for a truly customized look. Have a pattern on the inside, on the tie, or on the pocket square. These little pops of pattern really go a long way!

Here are some more of our favorite looks for men!

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