Birthday Parties: Why Not Hire an Event Planner?

I know what your thinking, an Event Planner for a birthday party?  Yes, why not?  With today’s busy, on the go lifestyles, it is hard to make time to plan and coordinate any event, so let us do the work for you.  Whether your celebrating a special new year in your life, or your child will become yet another year older, we are here to make sure your birthday is magical.

Planning a birthday party is a lot of work.  Deciding on a theme, organizing a guest list, preparing invitations, choosing a location, food and drink preparation, ordering a cake, and ensuring the rest of the decorating details are in place, seem like a full time job and can be overwhelming.  Hiring an Event Planner, will ensure you will be stress free because every detail will have our full attention.

A common mistake about hiring an Event Planner is assuming it can be expensive.  This is not true!  An experienced Event Planner, is extremely creative and used to coordinating the details of party planning, making the process simple.  The service fees of planning a birthday party can be very minimal and well worth relieving you of the stress and time from doing it yourself.

Hiring an Event Planner for your Birthday Party is a win win situation for you!  Contact us for a complimentary consultation, email: info@btseventmanagement.com, phone: 602-740-8844

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