A Not So Ordinary Guest Book
Lately, we have been in a few meetings with some of our fabulous brides going over details to their special day and it had occurred to us that most every bride has had some sort of concern about their guest book.  Questions we were getting were: Is it necessary to have one and do I need to have the traditional book?  The answer to both questions is no.  Although it may be important for you to remember who all attended your wedding, it isn’t necessarily required for you to have a sign in sheet or the traditional book that we are all used to.
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Guest books are always nice to have but they do not have to be in the form of a book.  In most weddings these days, you will find some way of including a signature or indicator of your guests in non traditional ways.  Examples include best wishes on a frame that surrounds a picture of the newlyweds, encouraging notes on all sorts of items including stones, puzzle pieces and even on old music records and also creative canvas art.
The best way to decide on your approach to a guest book is to think about how to incorporate it in your every day life.  Whether it be something cute and funny or artsy and elaborate, make it into something that you can cherish forever and not just find on a book shelf one day.  Your best inspiration will come from the things that you share together and the time you make for one another.
Photographers these days are usually able to capture moments during the ceremony and reception that reveal most of the guests that are present.  In this case, if you feel comfortable with your photographer’s ability to get as many pictures as possible, then don’t bother.  Also, if your planning to have a Photo Booth – this is a perfect place for your guests to strike a pose.  You’ll definitely remember through the pictures!
If you are still struggling with finding some neat ideas – check out Pinterest or of course BTS Event Management!  We’re the best one stop shop for all your wedding planning needs!
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