5 Signs Your Ready for Marriage From a Wedding Planner
Photo Credit: Mike Olbinski

The time has come!  You have finally found that special someone who still gives you butterflies after the initial dating phase has passed.  This person is still the first one on your mind when you wake up and the very last one to cross your mind right before you fall asleep.  Could it be?  Could you have finally found your other half, your soul mate, the person you will spend the rest of your life with?

As wedding planners, our main job is working with couples in LOVE.  We plan weddings for all sorts of couples.  Anywhere from the “we’ve been dating for 3 weeks” to the “we’re high school sweethearts and have spent 15 years together before he finally asked the question” and of course, just about everything in between.  We’ve seen second and third marriages, the ones that swear they have it right this time and we’ve seen the barely legal 18 year olds, who know they have it right early on.  Because of the variation of couples we see on a daily basis, we have become quite the experts in spotting true love.  We can see this bliss from a mile away.  Take it from us, if you can honestly agree to the next 5 statements, you may have met your match!  Time to start dropping hints that your ready to go the distance:)  So here they are:

♥ There is 100% trust in the relationship: No more second guessing why he or she ran a little late, no snooping through his or her phone, and definitely no investigating behind your loved one’s back.  Whatever the situation may be, you know in the pit of your gut there is no reason to second guess this person.

♥ You can’t picture yourself with anyone else: Exes are no longer a thought in your mind, and neither is the attractive stranger you bumped into during happy hour.  You know that your significant other is all you need now and will be all you will ever need in the future.  You’ve already searched high and low and are finally content with knowing the person by your side is the perfect match for you!

♥ You are happy with your mate as they are: Big reasons why people leave a relationship can either be because he/she wouldn’t change or because he/she tried to change the other one.  Well lucky for you, this isn’t the case with your partner.  You are happy with this person, flaws and all.  You have finally met someone who you are accepting of their entirety.  This is huge!  If you are ready to spend your life with this person, you have to really really love him or her as they are, no conditions required.

Photo Credit: Mike Olbinski

♥ You two bring out the best in each other: No ripping each other to shreds or cutting each other down.  You two are each other’s solid foundation, positive influence, motivation, and best of all, each other’s biggest fan.

♥ Just being with this person brings content: Your thirst for adventure or curiosity for what comes next is finally filled with this person.  There is no more need to wonder what am I missing, or what else is going on.  You are finally at a place of total peace.  You are complete when you are with your this person, your other half:)

And just because we are so super generous….we decided to throw in one more just for fun:

♥ Your wedding Pinterest board is just about complete:)  The only thing missing is that gorgeous ring, soon to be on your left hand, or soon to be given to that special someone (of course depending on who is doing the proposing)

Photo Credit: Mike Olbinski

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