Wedding Day Diet
Many people go through it and many people dread it but, when a woman gets engaged, one of the first things she thinks about is how to shred the excess pounds to fit into her dream dress.  For me, I constantly battle back and forth between long stretches of working out and then of course, longer stretches of laziness.  I have been an athlete my entire life and I still lack the motivation to get to the gym and properly diet.  I have done every exercise under the sun – I’ve had several gym memberships, did marathon training, spin classes, Bikram yoga, Barre class and most recently, Crossfit.  I get bored easily and once I have reached a threshold, I feel good about myself, tell myself I’m done and then go down hill.  So, with that being said here are some recommendations I have to keep yourself on track to that perfect figure you are looking for when walking down the aisle.

  1. Buy some really cute work out clothing.  Believe it or not, buying work out clothing will motivate you in ways you didn’t think before.  You spend all this money on new sneakers, sports bras, leggings and tanks for what?6d5b45725d07558f5cac1c8f0b1ea678 To sit in the closet – no!  For you to flaunt at Barre class or sweat in on a long distance run.  82a0ff724d9826fbfca034db11c78eb6Putting on new clothing makes you feel good about yourself especially when you find the perfect leggings that just suck everything in.
  2. Designate a work out partner.  We all know this but let me say it again, having someone to keep you accountable for your actions will push you to do things even when you don’t want to.  My partner is Chris.  Now, we don’t always see eye to eye when working out but he sure does nag me about getting to the gym (It’s because he pays the membership).  Regardless, it gets me going and engaged.  We Crossfit together and while he does his big manly Olympic lifting, I am lucky enough to have coaches that gear exercises and movements towards the type workout that works best for me.  (we workout at Crossfit Preferred in Gilbert in case you needed a place to head to)
  3. Find something that truly enjoy doing.  Like I said, I have done almost every workout possible and I have to say, I have truly enjoyed them all.Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.19.34 PM  I get bored easily after a while so I will switch things up, and that is okay.  Keep things interesting, entertaining and making you want to go back for more.
  4. Find balance in your food choices – try to get rid of something that you don’t normally crave.  Recently, I have given up dairy.  Now, I don’t really crave any dairy products.  I am not a cheese eater, milk isn’t my favorite and yogurt – I can live without.  Occasionally, I get the urge to have an ice cream cone (like tonight) here and there but, not regularly.  The point of this is, I have become more aware of my meals and what I am putting into my body.  I wouldn’t say that I am making the healthiest of choices but I am in the right direction.  The more you pay attention to the food you intake, the healthier decisions you end up making.bda84a9cc640cd00467668974b5a9791
  5. Don’t get obsessive.  I am scared.  Extremely nervous and extremely scared.  I keep thinking to myself, there is no way that I am going to fit into my dress when it comes in, especially because I feel that it is a relatively small size.  This doesn’t mean that I am going to stop eating all together.  I still love food.  I love trying new things and I definitely love indulging in a good burrito from time to time.  Obsessing over your weight will lead you to become unhealthy and make decisions that aren’t good for your body long term.  Keep a steady eye on the prize and walk before you run, you will get there.
I know that what I said here isn’t rocket science but, I urge you to try it.  Take each step day by day and sooner or later you will see the results.  c42dddd6a621994e8a720fef0f45cc0eAs cliche as it may sound, it isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and this one just happens to go on forever.
Let me know how your journey takes you, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks on your wedding day shred!
Your Scottsdale Wedding Planner Bride,  xxo   Alex_BTS Event Management_Scottsdale Wedding Planner
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