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Where Do I Get Married?

Side note: I don’t know about anyone else but, saying the word fiancé is kind of the strangest thing.  It may be because you get so used to saying boyfriend or girlfriend over and over again but I am not quite sure.  I can only imagine the first few months calling Chris my husband.  It’s like these words never really did exist up until now, now that they have a true meaning…

PA        AZ2

All of those questions that I had mentioned in last week’s blog, I really started to put them to use and ask myself and my fiancé what we really wanted.  First and foremost, the most important thing that I needed to ask, being from another state, was – where are we going to have this wedding?  Originally, I had always thought that I would get married back on the East Coast then when I moved out to Arizona!  Things then changed and I said that it would be a destination wedding somewhere on some island. And then, when I started working in the industry, I soon came to realize the smartest thing for me to do is have it here.  I thought that would make the most sense right?  It wasn’t as easy as that.  Being that the majority of my family, which is huge by the way, is still in PA, I kept racing the idea that no one would make the trip out here.  Having family at my wedding is the most important part.  What would I possibly do if they wouldn’t be there?  And I don’t mean just the majority of them, I mean all my cousins, all my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, brothers and parents, everyone!  Family is the world to me not because of our relation but, because of the incredible bond we all share.  If they wouldn’t be able to make it, I don’t know if I would truly be able to enjoy my wedding day as much as if they were there.  So, I did what any person would do, I started to text everyone and say, “soo if I had my wedding in Arizona, would you come?”  Of course I was scared of the no’s and the well, it is a lot of money but, for the most part, I got their support pending a few ;).
So there it is, there’s your answer (if you were asking yourself where I would have it).  Venue is TBD but state – it’s ARIZONA!!!
Talk to ya’ll so soon!
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