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Ok, so today is the official 2 month mark until I will be walking down the aisle and I have so much to fill you in on.  Let’s go back a month or so and talk about my registry.

Registering for your wedding can be quite the process especially if you have been living together for over three years already.  Brides and Grooms have many different ways to register but Chris and I had decided to go the traditional route and ask for some things for our home (I can never get enough home stuff).  Some other approaches that couples use these days are “honey fund” donations where they ask for help in different aspects of their honeymoon and lingerie showers where the guests bring different pieces of lingerie for the new bride to be.  All are great options to consider.

So with that being said, with a few beverages and cocktails during lunch, our registry experience went pretty well.  We walked into Crate and Barrel and were a little intimidated.  Where do we start? What do we put on here?  Is this too much?  Those were all questions that constantly ran through our heads.  Good news is, if it is too much, people won’t pay for it so, don’t feel bad if it’s not purchased.  Additionally, from what I have heard from other people in the past, it is better to have more things on the registry then not enough.  That way it gives your guests the chance to pick what they want to get for you.  Some advice I will give those starting the process, make sure that you go into it a little prepared.  Make notes on things that you want/need so that when you see it, all you have to do is scan the items.  Also!  Pick a number.  Decide on how many of specific items you want.  For instance, plates, bowls, glassware, etc. Most of the time this is the entertaining tableware that you will set out for guests when they come over.  Make sure you have plenty of each item so that you don’t run out during a cozy dinner with a few friends.

Side note, the stores do not have the registry guns anymore!  It’s actually way easier now and you just set everything up through your smart phone on each store App.

I have some more stories to share with you this week so hang tight, I will be signing on again very soon!

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