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Now we all know social media has a huge influence over all of society and tons of people are tuning in throughout the day to catch up on news, post, check their “likes”, etc… but we still have a lot of brides who tell us they do not use social media to help plan/design their wedding.  We get a lot of feedback from our brides who say they can not find their style, they get overwhelmed, or they like everything and end up having too many different styles incorporated into their design.  If you are feeling like this, just know, you are not alone.

We completely understand how social media can get overwhelming when you are planning your wedding but we also feel it is a wonderful tool to use to really communicate your ideas to your wedding planner, florist, photographer, and many other vendors.

Alex and I always encourage our brides to use these tools so one sunny day in Scottsdale, Arizona, we decided to write out a guide with a few tips to help our brides be strategic with their social media.  Here they are: (You will also notice beautiful screen shots of our actual social media pages) 🙂


1) Pinterest: be sure to create secret boards and invite your wedding planner to pin with you.  This way you will be able to comment back and forth on what parts of the photos you like and don’t like and your wedding planner can really help keep you on track with a specific wedding design.


2)Instagram: search using specific hashtags that relate to your wedding.  You will end up finding some great inspirational photos.  Always screenshot the photos you like and post them to your secret Pinterest boards so you can easily go back to them.  We find that photographers seem to have the most content.  They will also have a great variety of different types of weddings.  Research photographers until you find a few that photograph in a style that you like.  Chances are, other brides, who are just like you are drawn to the same style of photographer and may posses a similar taste in design.  Like people like like things:)


3) Facebook: Research the top vendors in your area.  Follow them on FB and check back on their pages periodically.  These are the people who will advertise open houses, and other event industry events so you and your significant other are sure to attend.  This will help you gain inspiration and this will give you the opportunity to meet your local vendors in a non-pressure atmosphere.



FullSizeRender-8 We hope these tips help!  Be sure to follow us on our social media pages for current wedding industry updates, beautiful wedding design, and tips to make your wedding planning a breeze!

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As always, be sure to send us your questions or other topics you would like to see us blog about.

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