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Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re the type of girl who hasn’t been planning this day since you were five years old and doesn’t have every aspect of your wedding split up into categories on Pinterest. Here at BTS, we offer full-service wedding planning. We handle everything from attire, design, to RSVPs. For the most part, we take care of everything for you.

But there is something we recommend to all our brides do. And that is, find your inspiration. We want to know (more importantly, we want YOU to know) what your likes and dislikes are as it relates to wedding design. And what better way to start then Instagram. Now with the new follow hashtags feature, you’ll be able to follow all the wedding hashtags you desire. This new tool is super cool because now you can follow multiple hashtags like #weddinginspo, #weddingplanning, #bohowedding and so much more. Instead of searching for hashtags, Instagram has made it so much easier by just clicking follow. Now, creative wedding content is all curated in one feed for you to follow at your leisure.

This new feature is a game changer, especially as it relates to wedding planning. Typically Pinterest was the go-to social media platform for wedding planning. Now with the option to follow hashtags, you’ll purposefully come across the content you’re interested in seeing, instead of running into a couple viral wedding pictures and videos.

We’re always on trend when it comes to fashion, so it’s only right that we’re on trend when it comes to social media as well. That being said, we not only recommend that you create inspo boards on Pinterest, but that you also follow hashtags on Instagram so that you can stay up to date with wedding trends and expose yourself to more ideas than ever before. And with our assistance, it will be a match made in wedding planning heaven.

Following hashtags is a bit new. So in case it’s overwhelming, we’ve compiled the top three wedding hashtags to follow for wedding planning. Check them out below:

Are you already following these? Do you have any you recommend we follow? Let us know in the comments!

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