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Wedding Design and Lighting

Whether you’re going for the perfect selfie, hanging out in a hot new club, or looking for a bright beautiful kitchen, one of the most important things is the lighting. You need it to accentuate all the right parts and create the perfect atmosphere for whatever you may need. And while some people may not consider it the most important thing for their wedding, lighting is definitely at the top of our list when it comes to designing each of our weddings.

There are so many different ways to do it and there’s never only one right answer. Sometimes all you need is one, sometimes more. It all just depends on what kind of vibe you are going for. Here’s a few different lighting techniques we use constantly and just love!


We work with some pretty amazing venues and one of our favorite things to do is transform the same space into something completely different for each bride. One of the best ways to do this is by using uplighting. It instantly takes a ballroom or other wise pretty general space and makes it into the perfect setting for a wedding. They can project just about any color you could imagine and they don’t take up much space, making it ideal for any setting.unspecified-13

Photo by Mike Olbinski

Pin Spot 

Pin spot lighting is a wonderful way to accentuate all the right pieces. You can have a small beam directed to your centerpieces, your cake table, or really whatever you’d like, illuminating it and making it a focal point. What better way to show off your gorgeous centerpieces than with a spot light!?


Photo by Ben and Kelly 

Twinkle lights

Okay so we may be suckers for twinkle lights. Not only do twinkle lights help light up an area but they are just so dang perfect and look incredible! Whether it’s indoors or out, they too play a huge role in the design of your wedding day. If you’re going for a soft, romantic feeling they are the perfect touch.


Photo by Ray Santana


Some people don’t quite realize the effect that candlelight can have. They don’t over power an area and add just the right amount of light to give you a warm, romantic glow that sets the mood absolutely perfectly. They are one of the most versatile little things out there and can be added down the aisle, on dinner tables, creating a backdrop, or really just about anywhere. When it comes to weddings, is there really such thing as too many candles?


Photo by Mike Olbinski 


There’s nothing that can kill the mood or start the party as quickly as lighting can. You can have the world’s best DJ and the greatest guests, but if your reception area is lit up nice and bright, not many people are going to be out there busting their moves. By dropping the main lighting and having movers, people will want to get up and move as well. Movement in lights creates a drastically different atmosphere for your night and if you’re looking to have a party, you definitely want to go this route! Want to make it even better? Have a lighting technician on site constantly changing the lights to match the flow. It’s like having a really great DJ, only he controls the lighting instead of music!


Photo by Ben and Kelly

See why we love it? Having great lighting for every part of your wedding is going to play a  role in making it absolutely unforgettable. Have fun with it! Personalize it exactly how you like and let it be a reflection of your style. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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