Wedding Advice: It’s ALL About the Details

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Many times couples may think a certain aspect of their wedding will not be noticed as much as some of the bigger details- for instance: the invitations. They may say something like “they are just going to throw the invitation away” or resort to the less polished option for invitations. The bottom line is that your invitation evokes emotion and excitement for your wedding day!

The picture above is from a recent wedding BTS Event Management coordinated, photography by the talented Savidge Photography. They designed their invitations with a customized logo of their first initials- Kari and Karl. Unique right?! They even made a customized state of Arizona-shaped plaque for guests to sign with the same logo in the middle.

It may not be just the invitations, but something like the linens is a similar example. The _____________ (fill in the blank) is a detail, one that will most likely be bypassed however your guests will never forget the feeling and emotion they have when they walk into your wedding, cocktail and reception space where each detail works together to create a beautiful flow to your wedding. As individual pieces they aren’t as prominent but once combined with the details and elements together they become timeless and magical.

So yes, they may throw the invitation away and may not notice the linen but they will love that you thought of all the details, had pride in your wedding day and will take note that it was an amazingly thought out wedding day celebration.

All in all- Don’t skip the details!

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