Unplugging Your Ceremony

When it comes to guests with phones or cameras during ceremonies, we have pretty much seen it all. From the guest who watches the entire ceremony through their camera lens, to the best man who Snapchats literally everything, people are pretty attached to their devices. While some couples are totally okay with it, it doesn’t sit so well with everyone. After all, you have found the perfect photographer and you don’t want arms and phones obstructing the awesome photos they’ll be taking! So how do you ask your guests to keep their hands free of phones and cameras and focus on you during the ceremony? Easy!

Have a Sign Guests Will See


By having a sign that your guests will see upon entering, it’s easy for them to know what’s up. Not only will they learn that keeping their phone in their pocket is preferred, but they will likely talk about it with other guests, spreading the word and holding each other accountable in a way. Once they’ve talked about it, there’s no excuse for them to forget about it!

Put it in the Program


If you’re guests are going to be receiving a program pre-ceremony, this is a great place for you to let them know you don’t want their phones out during ceremony. While there may be a rebel or two in the bunch, most people will see this. If Uncle Jesse didn’t see the note asking him to not take selfies during the ceremony and whips out his phone to do just that, Aunt Becky, who did read everything and knows better, can ever so subtly let Uncle Jesse know to leave the Snapchats for after the ceremony.

Have the Officiant Make an Announcement


One fool proof way to make sure everyone in attendance at your wedding is on the same page when it comes keeping their devices away, have the officiant announce it as everything begins. Depending on preference, it can be said before any of the wedding party has made their way to the front, or once the bride is down the aisle. It can be as simple as saying something along the lines of, “the bride and groom request you be present during the ceremony and keep your phones and cameras put away.”

If you are thinking an unplugged wedding is perfect for you, go for it! We love seeing ceremonies free of cameras being held above heads and filming away. It allows your guests to be present in the moment, celebrating the love and excitement of their loved ones.

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