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Top 4 Unconventional Bridesmaid Dresses!

We know. We hear it time and time again. All b’maid dresses look the same. The best part about working with so many weddings is we know just the right nontraditional, but also stylish, b’maid dresses brides can put their girls in and have them still looking fleeky. We’ve compiled a list of our four favorite nontraditional b’maid dresses. Scroll down to see which is your favorite.

1. Cocktail length

If the dress code at your wedding is not quite black tie, but still pretty formal, cocktail length would be your go-to. The great thing about a cocktail length dress is you have so many options to choose from. Some of our favorite websites for cocktail gowns are Revolve, ASOS, and Mischa Collection. After hearing this list, you might be calling us crazy, but see for yourself. Here are a couple of our favorites from those sites.

You can find this pink dream at ASOS!

This emerald beauty is one of our Revolve faves!

And finally, you can find this one of a kind at Misha Collection.

2. Jumpsuit

Now, jumpsuits you don’t see very often. And initially, when brides think of jumpsuits, they think it might be appropriate for a more casual wedding. While that is partly true, we’re here to show you how a jumpsuit, when done right, can fit in perfectly with a formal wedding. Check out these b’maid jumpsuit combos. In our best Joanne the Scammer voice, honestly, truly, they are to die for.


3. White

We said this before, and we’ll say it again. White is very unconventional and daring. It can go left quick. But when done the right way, we absolutely love it! When choosing white b’maid dresses, the first cardinal rule is stay away from stand-out pieces. Although the b’maids should look beautiful, the bride should be distinguishable from the crowd. A classic, simple white dress goes along way. Check out these white b’maid dresses. We bet you’ll fall in love.

4. Tuxedo

Now if you consider yourself a trendsetter and have b’maids who are willing to be a little daring, a tuxedo b’maid get-up is the way to go. Here are some b’maids who have done it and done it well.


If you chose a nontraditional bridesmaid dress, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your experience and see them! Also, if you’re a bride and want something fresh and unique, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry girl. We got you! Send us a message at info@btseventmanagement.com and we’ll get a styling consultation going with our on staff stylist.




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