Tips for Choosing a Venue

After all the new engagements out there we know you are all anxious to begin your planning so we wanted to put together something to help you with making one of the biggest choices of your big day…choosing a venue! It’s all so exciting and so much fun, but can definitely be overwhelming. Here’s a few things to ask yourself when narrowing down your options to pick the best one!

Does it fit in your budget?unspecified-3

Before you even begin to look at venues you’ll want to sit down and create an estimated guest count and budget. By doing this, you will be able to have a much clearer idea of what you should and should not be spending on a venue. Trust us, it is better to just not look at a venue that is out of scope, than to fall in love with it when you know it’s best to find a less expensive option.

Does it fit your style?unspecified-4

While many venues can be transformed to fit just about any style, there are some where no matter how hard you try it just isn’t going to be what you had imagined. If you’re wanting a very boho, laid back and beachy vibe, choosing a country club probably isn’t your best bet just like choosing a barn isn’t ideal when you’re going for glamorous and elegant. If you just aren’t feeling a venue, don’t force it! If you think there’s just going to be too much needed to accomplish your vision, look into your other venue options.

Will your guests fit comfortably?unspecified-5

One question you will want to ask when touring a venue is how many people it will fit comfortably. Just because they say a space can have 150 people, doesn’t mean that it should. A room can look huge while empty, but once you add the DJ, a cake table, your bar, the dance floor, that Photo Booth you love, and tables for your guests things can get pretty crammed. It doesn’t hurt to have extra room, you just want to make sure it isn’t too small for everyone and everything!

Is your date available or flexible?unspecified-8

So you’ve been dreaming of your wedding for as long as you can remember, and you have had your eye on a venue that fits that dream ever so perfectly! You have fallen in love with it and you’re already picturing yourself walking down the aisle. Then they tell you your date is already booked and not only are you back to square one, but you are totally bummed and can’t imagine any other venue being nearly as perfect. If you are dead set on a specific venue, it’s possible you will have to be flexible with your date. And if there’s a date you absolutely have to have, you may have to be flexible with your venue. With enough notice there’s definitely a chance you will get lucky and get both, but just go into things with a bit of an open mind on this one!

What restrictions does the venue have?unspecified-6

There are plenty of venues out there that offer more options than you would have every thought necessary, but then there are those that have restrictions galore. Do you see your reception being the party of the year and going on all night? If so, choosing a venue with a 10:00 curfew is definitely going to be a buzzkill. If you scored an awesome deal on catering because your best friend is the head chef for an amazing catering company you’ll want to make sure the venue allows outside catering. These are all things that your wedding planner can help you think about and go over with you and the venue. Some things may sound little but end up making a big impact in the end.

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