Tech Savvy Wedding

“High-tech receptions” is another trend for the 2014 bride that we found surprisingly interesting. You don’t really think about how much technology can play a huge part in your wedding- the cameras photographers use, the equipment the DJ uses, the IPAD screen that displays photos of the wedding, etc.

Technology is changing faster than you can say “I do” but try to keep up because some of these apps and products can really make your wedding stand out. Peep these cool technology products and ideas:

Create a phone charging station for your guests with dying phone batteries- genius! 

tech 2

This website allows you to print out photos taken on Instagram. Upload all of your wedding day photos and make magnets as wedding favors. 


tech 3

Make digital, customized save the date, engagement, and wedding announcements.


tech 4

Collect all of those random photos and videos taken by your guests and put them into one album to share online with family and friends using this app. 


tech 5

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