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Black Tie Market

If there is anyone that loves to support a local company here in Phoenix, it is definitely us!  Recently, we got the absolute pleasure of meeting with Black Tie Market to talk about their products.  Not only did we become instantly obsessed but, we can’t stop raving about them.  Black Tie Market is owned and operated by two very lovely ladies, Amber and Nina.  When we say lovely ladies, we really mean lovely ladies – they were the sweetest and most humble people we have met in a long time.  So, let’s get into their product!

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We all buy soaps and scrubs wether it be in the Target soap and body aisle or at a Body Works chain but when you hear about, smell and use these
products, you will definitely have a change in heart.  Keeping it local, Amber and Nina operate out of Gilbert, Arizona and create a full range of amazing natural products for the body ranging from body scrubs, lip balms, face oils and more.  Even better yet, they offer products for men too!
To purchase and learn more about their products be sure to visit their webpage!
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