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She Said Yes Podcast: Episode 6 Recap

She Said Yes, Episode 6 Podcast Recap


Brides, are you trying to lose a little weight before the wedding? Well, the She Said Yes Podcast, Episode 6 is here to tell you how! But before we get to our recap, be sure to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our channel, and show us some love in the iTunes reviews.

Now back to why you’re here. This episode is perfect for everyone in the bridal party–even wedding guests. We’re talking with one of the most elite trainers in Scottsdale, most notably known for his guide called, Thrivn with Ryan Read-12 Week Booty Workout & Nutrition Guide! This guide was a huge hit and has kinda gone viral, so you know we had to have him on to talk all things health and fitness.

Be sure to tune into yesterday’s episode to find out more about our collaboration with Ryan. Here’s a hint, I Do Thrive.

Let us know what you think of the episode. If you want us to touch on anything, in particular, let us know in the comments. We want our podcast to be perfect for you!




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