Please Be a Good Wedding Guest

We typically spend a whole year planning a couple’s wedding. Countless hours of meetings, revisions and lots of hard work goes into pulling off the perfect wedding. Our brides and grooms want their guest to have a great time and celebrate their love and commitment for each other. As a guest we know you want to have a great time, but always remember the night isn’t about you. It’s not the time to get sloppy drunk, or complain about food, or blast the whole wedding on social media if no phones are requested. No one wants to be a ‘bad’ wedding guest, so brush up on these 6 tips to keep yourself from being that person.

Don’t Bring Anyone Extra to The Wedding.
The bride and groom probably had a really long night politely debating (haha) who to invite, whether or not to allow their guests a plus 1, and if they want kids to attend their wedding. If the invite is addressed to you and specifies a plus 1 theres no tricky algebra here. Please don’t take it upon yourself to invite the crew, thats just down right rude.

Now lets talk about kids. If the invite was addressed to just you and your spouse with no “and family,” that’s all that’s invited. I’m sure the bride and groom love your kids too, but they’ve decided to just enjoy a night without kids. Get a sitter and enjoy a date night!

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Follow the Phone Rules
Some brides and grooms want you to only use your phone during the reception and some want you to use it through out the wedding. Either way, do what they ask. Oh and please remember that no matter what TURN YOUR PHONE ON SILENT. We don’t mean to use caps but there is nothing worse then the magical moment of the bride walking down the isle being ruined by someones phone ringing.


Please Stick to Your Number (of Drinks)
We’ve all seen this person at a wedding. Sloppy drunk. Falling all over the place. And then that person grabs the mic and gives a speech that leaves everyone with their mouths wide open. Yah, don’t be that person and to stick to your drink number.

Photo From Womans Day

Go With the Flow.
If you don’t eat meat, or don’t like the music being played or just really don’t like chocolate cake. Keep it to yourself. Today is not the day to be demanding or critical because the bride and groom have given their all to make sure their guest have the best time! Do your best to have a good time and just enjoy the night.

Show Up
You would think this would go with out saying right? Well, you’re wrong. We have seen guests who have rsvp’d and not show up to weddings time and time again. It’s a complete waste of money and special time the couple has put into creating the perfect seating arrangements, so do the bride and groom a favor and just show up.

Mind Your Clothes Manors
Ladies, no white and just make sure everything is covered. And generally speaking, follow the dress code listed on the invite. If they want cocktail attire, then do your best to come in cocktail attire.

Follow these simple rules are you are sure not to disappoint the special couple of honor:)

Got a wedding etiquette question? Leave it below and we’ll get right back to you.

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