How to Use Pinterest to Help You Plan a Wedding

You’re engaged. Now what? Create a wedding Pinterest board, duh! I mean how else are you going to keep this wedding thing organized? Ok, so you head over to Pinterest, but now what? How many boards should you have? Should you invite people to your boards? Should your board be public or private? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Photo by Mike Olbinski

How to organize your boards and what categories do you need?
First, I would ask yourself these questions: are you using a wedding planner or are you planning a wedding yourself? If you’re planning it yourself then you will probably need boards for every single aspect of the wedding. These 8 categories are a really good place to start: Budget, Decor, Guest List, Dress, Florals, Venue, Bridal Party and Food. If you are using a wedding planner we suggest focusing your boards on things you want to visually communicate with your wedding planner.

Remember if there’s just one particular thing you like about the photo versus the whole photo then make sure to write it in the notes of the pin so that you can remember what it is you specifically like about the photo.


Photo by Mike Olbinski

Should you invite people to your boards?

If you have a wedding planner invite them for sure. This is the perfect way for you to communicate the ideas in your head to your wedding planner. Sometimes that can be a huge challenge. Using visuals gives your wedding planner a glimpse inside your head.

You can also include your maid of honor and possibly your mother. We don’t suggest adding more people than that to your wedding boards. If there are too many people and too many opinions your judgement gets clouded and before you know it you’re planning someone else wedding.

Photo by Mike Olbinski

Should you keep your boards private?
Well, this all depends on if you want your wedding to be a surprise. If so, then you should keep most, if not, all wedding boards private. That way your guests can’t see details about your wedding ahead of time. If you don’t mind people getting a glance at details of your wedding then tots keep your boards public.

Happy wedding pinning!

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