Personalization? Yes! Please!! Something trendy, fun and functional? Yes, again! Groomsmen gifts AND bridesmaid gifts – always. We are constantly being asked from our clients if we have any cool and unique gift ideas for their wedding party and while we’re at it, do we know how to customize it? Well yes, in fact, we do and we have partnered with Groovy Guys Gifts on this blog to show you that there are so many gift options out there. Like – So many! From customized duffle bags to pocket knives to cigar cutters and old fashioned ice rocks, their options are endless and to be honest, while I scroll through Groovy Guy’s website, I can confidently say that my husband would find use in A LOT of these products so we know that your groomsmen would love them too.



Let’s be honest, shopping for guys can be a little tough and rough because you never know if they are going to use what anything that is bought but when you put a little extra touch of sentiment to it and add in something that is relatable to them, they cherish items forever. So Grooms – be the best one out there and get them something that your guys can use forever. Whatever that may be, cuff links or a travel bag – they will cherish for as long as they have it. Check out Groovy Guys Gifts for all your wedding related, one stop shop, gifts for all. It just makes sense!!

It’s been five minutes since you’ve been engaged and we want you to be honest with us. We know you are totally guilty of obsessing over past Pinterest pins and Instagram bookmarks, filled with diamond ring inspo, to see which type of wedding band pairs well with your shiny diamond on your left hand.


When it comes to choosing a wedding band, you can go for either the small and dainty or large and in charge. Whether you’re the minimalistic type or the go big or go home type, you’ll want something that reflects who you are and your unique style.


Thanks to the stackable wedding band trend, where mixing and matching shapes, sizes, and colors are acceptable, now we’re seeing lots of brides feel more comfortable with stepping outside of the box and opting for color accents, uniquely shaped stones, and antique styles, just to name a few – the options are gorgeously endless!


Are you going to say “I do” in 2019? Get ready to add these rings to your Pinterest boards (or wishlist) ASAP!


Oval-Shaped Diamond Band

The rare oval-shaped diamond exudes understated elegance and has been picking up popularity with brides. 2019 might just be the year of the oval ring!


Diamond Semi Pavé Band

Not really the minimalist type or the go big or go home type? We feel you! If you want to “shine bright like a diamond” without an oversized rock weighing you down, this delicate diamond semi pavé band is perfect. Of course, we know you’ll probably want to switch it up when you do happen to be in that “go big” mood which makes this delicate ring the perfect stackable companion for when you want to make a statement.



Diamond Paved Love Wedding Band

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl and you want all eyes on the shiny band around your finger. Perfect for the bride with a passion for classic sophisticated styles. This 18K yellow gold band is set with 88 diamonds – precious, timeless, and rare just like you.


Stacked Wedding Band

Used for both bridal and fashion, these bands have been making appearances on the fingers of both stylish brides and celebs for years. Only now are they starting to pick up in popularity. With women on the rise going from #GirlBoss at a business conference to hands-on mama, getting to decide whether you’re going for layered power-look or subtle statement is key.

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One for you and another one, also for you.

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Serpenti Wedding Band

Finally, a band designed for the edgy bride who elegantly embraces her sophistication and sensuality. Modeled after the sinuosity of a serpent, this band coils around your finger making a precious statement with the beauty if its glistening scales.


Diamond Cigar Band

You’ll never worry about not making a statement when you’re glowing with over 100 .41 carat diamonds wrapped around your finger. This made-to-order beauty can be made in yellow, rose, or white gold to please even the most discerning bride.This is the perfect alternative ring for the times when you don’t want to bring your rock around. You know, like a day at the beach or traveling!


From the delicate diamond, semi pave band to the bold diamond cigar, there’s inspo in here for every bride! So tell us in the comments below, which band is your favorite and would you stack it with another ring?

Episode 4 is here! This episode is perfect for anyone who loves diamonds! That’s basically everyone, right? Before we get into the good stuff, stop what you’re doing right now and be sure to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our channel, and show us some love in the iTunes reviews.

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Yep we get it, the holidays have now come and gone and nearly all of your best gal pals are engaged. Now, it’s time to figure out what to get them to say congrats! At this point, you have probably searched Pinterest high and low, but still can’t find anything just right. We have come up with a list of a few unique and fun engagement gifts for you. Once again, you can thank us after your BFF is grinning from ear to ear.

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You may be familiar with Nicole Williams from E Network’s show WAGS. Many of us have followed Nicole’s sometimes hopeless journey of her engagement to NFL wide receiver, Larry English. At the end of last season, we saw Nicole finally get engaged and we couldn’t have been happier for her. Just last month Nicole and Larry had their big day and not only was everything about her wedding absolutely GORGEOUS, but we are still obsessing over her picture perfect boudoir photos!

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We’re not going to pretend like we don’t know the drill when it comes to engagement rings. And fellas, if you’re reading, we’ll fill you in. Most women know exactly what they want. They can confidently tell you what shape they prefer, what size they prefer and why they prefer it. And that’s not it, they’ll have picture examples saved on their Pinterest boards or now, Instagram bookmarks.

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Holiday Proposal Horizontal

With the holiday season upon us, we are just entering into what we, in the wedding planning industry, call “engagement season”.  Between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, there is always a high influx in engagements and surprise proposals.  Some sources say, as many as 40% of yearly proposals happen in these months.  The reason being is this is the time when most families are together.  It makes for a good opportunity for the person who is popping the question to ask for the blessing or approval of their significant other’s family.  What better way to enter into the next stage of your relationship than to do it in front of your closest family and friends.  As wedding planners, we LOVE hearing holiday proposal stories from our couples.

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Oh my goodness, the day is finally here!! That ring finger on your left hand never looked so good and to think, you will finally be Mrs.______.  Such an exciting time!  But we often hear from our brides that shortly after the initial rush of excitement and happiness comes, they soon feel weighed down by a heavy question…..Now what do I do?

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How fun are getting engagement photos!?  Well, while most of you may think that engagement photos are really fun and exciting, others might totally disagree.  The truth of the story is, for me, it was extremely stressful, even as a wedding planner.  Thinking about where to take the pictures, what to wear, how to do my hair, if I need to get my makeup done, how clean my house was, etc., etc., etc..  it became a complete mind game.  That was my thought process prior to the start of the day and to be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to them at all.  Afterwards however, when it was all said and done, it was a completely different story.  See, the pictures represent me and my fiancé, Chris.  They represent the love we share with each other and how simple and easy it is to be together.  Chris and I had a great time and we really enjoyed the company of Mike as well.  We laughed, we joked, we probably got mad at each other (I saw it on his face in one picture) but we were completely us and that is exactly what I wanted this whole day to be about.  Although my initial feelings were a bit all over the place, at the end of the day, the pictures came out amazing and I couldn’t be happier.  If there is one tip that I could offer anyone about to take their pictures, it would be this: just be you.  Be as normal, as silly, as serious or as goofy as you are together when no one is watching.  That, in itself, will make the experience unforgettable.

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Very recently, as some of you may know, I just got engaged.  As a wedding planner, I thought it would be fun to take you, all of our followers through my journey as I plan my own wedding.  So stay connected as I share the details to planning my very own wedding!

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