Floral For The Win


We’ve all seen the movie paying homage to the (sometimes dreaded) bridesmaid dress shopping experience. Usually, the bride wants some unflattering cut on 5 different body shapes and in a color that no one would be caught dead in. Luckily, times have changed and the more modern bride is up for more of a challenge than matching dresses!


Typically, one of the bride’s first decisions made is the color scheme of the wedding. It pretty much sets the tone for what the vision of the wedding will be like. We’ve all see the mismatched color scheme with the same dress style or mismatched dress style with the same color dress, but what if we’re limiting ourselves from so many other options?!


Think about throwing in a couple of different floral prints in similar color palettes and mixing in a secondary color to keep things from looking busy! This will give everyone an option to choose from to highlight their personality and will be GORGEOUS and eye-catching in photos. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of our favorite print and color combos for you to take a peek at. Also, if you’re here as an upcoming wedding guest, keep your eyes peeled because some of these are a perfect option!








We hope we sparked something in you to go and dive into the floral dress filter on your favorite dress sites! It’s such a classic concept yet unexpected look for a bridal party. If you’re a bride or maid of honor reading this, you may be able to alleviate some stress and delegate some of the responsibilities of dress finding to the bridal party. Since the type of floral print will help tell what season it currently is, it will help highlight the gorgeous time of year that the wedding is taking place in when you look back at your wedding photos! So next time someone sarcastically mentions florals being “groundbreaking for spring,” tell Miranda Priestly you’re doing things your way!


Before we let you go, as always let us know which dress is your fave in the comments.

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