DREAM: Couture, Bridal Fashion Show

It was all a DREAM….hopefully you are all singing the rest of this Biggie verse because we still are! LOL!!  But, seriously, the event we are going to talk about was nothing but an absolute DREAM and we want to recap how this event came to be in Scottsdale, AZ so that you all know what it took to produce such amazingness.

It all started one day when we received a message from the lovely ladies behind the Catering and Sales Department at Omni Montelucia, inviting us to lunch.  We had joked on the way over there that we wondering if we were in some kind of trouble because we had no idea what this could be about or why they would want to meet with us. Each of them kept the invite very brief and to the point – Do you want to come over for lunch?  Ummm…. YES!! Once we arrived, the ladies in charge said they called us there because they were looking to do an out of the box bridal show and needed inspiration on something DIFFERENT.  Something that would appeal to brides, but nothing like what some of the other resorts were doing.  Almost immediately, we knew exactly what needed to be done;  A couture bridal fashion show.  We wanted this to be trendy, high end, fashion forward, and just done oh-so well.  It honestly felt as though we had been talking about this sort of thing for months and months the way that we kept on spouting out our ideas and thoughts.

When we think about what BTS is and what we stand for we always go back to the fact that we pride ourselves in building a wedding planning brand that is cutting edge and trendy.  Always changing and always current.  We love being fashion forward and out of the box and when we are facing any decisions, we make sure it is heavily influenced on being fresh and unique by avoiding imitation.  With that being said, this event had to meet all of these expectations as well as the never ending list we constantly set for ourselves on a daily basis.

Omni Montelucia was on board with our ideas and we were all super excited to see what was to unfold during this planning process.  Immediately, two very talented ladies came to our minds as we knew they had to be a part of this.  Linda, owner of Linda Wagner Make Up and Bridgette, owner of Bridgette Marie Photography.  These ladies are extremely talented in what they do, they take everything that they do seriously and hold a professionalism like non other.  Not to mention the fact that we love and trust them so much.  With tons of experience in the fashion and event world,  we talked to them about our ideas and were on board right away.  From there, we knew we needed to bring in Lisa of Destiny’s Bride. Destiny’s is an incredible bridal boutique here in Scottsdale that features high end, fashion forward and couture gowns that aligns perfectly with the brand that they have created for themselves. We knew that this part may have had some convincing to do but when  Destiny’s Bride agreed to being a huge part of the show, the energy and excitement just kept building and building.   With every “Yes” we received, we knew that no matter what, we were setting up for success.

With certain players aligned, we then needed a name.  We needed to call this something and we needed a logo for people to remember this.  Victoria York Designs was the first person who popped up in conversation so when we reached out, she was so excited and wanted to instantly start working on this. We mulled around with several different name ideas and repeated them over and over again to make sure everything sounded just right.  We knew we weren’t settled on one when everyone would look at each other trying to convince one another that it sounded right.  It wasn’t until one time during lunch, a couple meetings in, when we finally figured it out.  Finding a name was the reason for our meeting and suddenly, like she always does,  Alex just yelled out something.  “DREAM!!” Everyone looked at each other once more, questioned and then that was that.  She was inspired by a little sign she had just purchased for her not-yet born little baby girl.  DREAM…..it was perfect!

We worked on the event and met at least twice a month to go over details, bring new topics to the table and talk logistics.  Collectively, we all used our trusted and reliable connections to bring more and more talented people into this event.  The ladies at Montelucia made some huge connections with Celebrity Reality Star and Dress Designer, Randy Fenoli, host of “Say Yes to the Dress” and had agreed to be our EMCEE.  More connections such as Molina Jewelry, Veuve Cliquot and Charlotte Tilsbery were ready and willing to participate as well.  DREAM was slowly but surely becoming so much bigger than what we had ever imagined.

Floor plans were created, designs were made, details were coming together and our vendor team was complete.  We were fortunate enough to have Carly from The Good Vibe Media, behind the camera creating incredible video footage for marketing and perfectly documenting the day DREAM actually took place.  Cynthia and Kimber from LUX Wedding Florist believed in us so much and were literally able to duplicate the exact floral designs we had dreamed up in our minds.  DJ Aaron Taylor agreed to compile one of the BEST mixes of music for the show, so great that we have actually had requests from people wanting to purchase this mix.  Aaron jokes, if the price is right, its sold!  LOL!  Tina with Pixy Cakes designed and baked a super yummy wedding cake along with some great desserts for the post cocktail reception.  Jessica from Classic Party Rentals went above and beyond for all of our crazy and off the wall rental requests (per usual).  Jolene from Event Rents was so kind and generous to continuously adjust our chair and linen orders since our guest count grew so rapidly in the last couple of days.  We were truly surrounded by the most supportive and talented group of vendors in this industry and we couldn’t have been more thankful.  Because of each of them, they were the reason this was so successful.

So now after we rambled on and on about how this came to be, you HAVE to check out how amazing this was.  All photo credit goes to the super talented: Bridgette Marie Photography.  Dress designers bought to you by Destiny’s BrideGalia LahavLian CarloSimone CarvalliCalla BlancheFloraRobert Bullock

**To see this event in action, you have to check out the video, created by Good Vibe Media.  Click HERE to see 🙂  **















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