DIY Wednesday: Ring Holder Frame!

Welcome to our very first DIY Wednesday! We’re so excited to share with you some of our favorite wedding DIYs.

As planners you know we love all the fun crafting that comes along with the wedding process, so we wanted to share one that you can start on right away!

Whether you just got engaged or have had your ring for a while, you know that sometimes you may have to take it off. If your like most girls, it can be hard to remember to put it back on when you’re rushing out of the door in the morning. We think this is the perfect solution! It won’t be as easy to forget that ring on the counter when its hanging on this adorable frame!

Here’s what you need…

Small frame

Small piece of fabric

Decorative pins (we used sewing pins)

Foam, felt or thick interfacing

Cardboard pieces if your frame doesn’t come with them 🙂

Scissors for cutting fabric and batting

Hot glue gun

A tool that will help you bend or cut the pin

Materials Needed

Start by taking the fabric and placing it in the frame, behind it place the interfacing (this is so you get that cushiony pillow look). Once you’ve got those settled you can put your cardboard in.


photo 3-2

Place your pin or pins where you want them and poke through to the cardboard. You can bend the pin once inserted or cut them like we did and tab some hot glue over the ends.

photo 2-2

Adjust pins so they point slightly up so the ring will slide back snug on the fabric.

Close the back and Ta Da!!! You’re very own ring holder frame!!




Happy DIYing!

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