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Destination Fairytale Wedding: The Phoenician, Scottsdale Arizona

benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10066 Almost 1 year ago, we were setting up for a wedding at The Phoenician when a lovely lady and her father peaked into the room.  Turns out they were venue shopping for the bride’s upcoming wedding.  The bride lived in Los Angeles and was only in town for a small amount of time.  I took a break from set up and spoke with them for a bit.  I talked to the bride-to-be, Suzanne, about what she wanted her destination to be like.  She told be some awesome descriptions of a beautiful fairytale wedding she was envisioning.  My mind immediately started brainstorming the perfect design concepts for this wedding.  I had to get back to work so I gave them each one of my business cards and was totally hoping I would hear from her again. A few days later, Suzanne contacted me and we set up a time to talk on the phone in more detail about her wedding.  She had toured a few properties around Scottsdale and was torn between a few of them.  This is all very common.  Choosing the right venue is a stressful part of the planning because it determines so much about the wedding.  There are a lot of things to take into consideration like, pricing, food and beverage minimums, what is all included, end times, service fees, taxes….the list goes on and on.  After deliberating a bit more, Suzanne decided to go with The Phoenician and we began planning and designing! After a few conversations, I was really able to pin-point Suzanne’s style.  She is very romantic and feminine.  She loves the color blush and really loved sequins linens.  We shared photos on Pinterest and had a great collaborative effort on the entire design of her wedding. Suzanne was able to come out to Scottsdale a couple of times before the wedding, which was great.  We scheduled her tasting and did a mock up of her flowers and finalized a lot of the details and design ideas in person.  During these meetings, I got to know her a bit more.  I found out she is a dedicated ballerina and practices quite often.  I also found out that her fiancé was in a rock band and had tons of tattoos.  I thought to myself, a ballerina and a rocker….what on earth could make for a better couple? The big day finally arrived and it was absolutely perfect.  It was literally a fairytale in every aspect.  This couple had amazing family and friends and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening. Check out these beautiful moments captured by the super talented, Ben and Kelly Photography:

benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10002 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10005 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10021 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10004 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10092 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10094 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10098 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10001 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10030 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10037 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10066 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10050 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10062 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10065 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10081 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10056 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10104 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10078 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10080 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10115 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10123 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&R
ayWedding-10124 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10148 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10131 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10136 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10129 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10171 benandkellyphotography.Suzanne&RayWedding-10165 Special thanks to all of the vendors who played a huge role in this very special day: Wedding Planning: BTS Event Management / Photographer: Ben and Kelly Photography / Ceremony Venue: The Phoenician / Dinner Venue: J & G Steakhouse / Flowers: Brady’s Floral Gallery / Linens: Southwick Linens / Cake and Macaroon Favors: Ruze Cake House / Men’s Attire: Celebrity Tux and Tails 

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