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As you all know, we are somewhat addicted to bridal fashion. We love the fabrics, the fits, daring styles and we especially love the way a bridal gown makes a woman feel when she is wearing It. At BTS, we are constantly scouring the internet, specifically Instagram, to see the latest and greatest in bridal fashion trends.

When skimming, we were pretty drawn to the designer Alon Livne and were lucky enough to get an interview with him to really get to know about himself, and his gowns.

Before getting into the interview, check out this youtube clip of Alon talking about his ready-to-wear line, as well as his bridal line a few years back: Alon Livne

Athena Gown

BTS x Alon Livne

Check out our interview with Alon below and hear about his transition into the bridal scene and how he made it through COVID-19.


When did you start designing bridal gowns?
Ever since I started designing, I had white gowns that were really timeless and could always be used as bridalwear, it was just something I always felt I wanted to do. I can’t even remember when I officially separated the bridal collections from my ready-to-wear collections, it was very natural and organic.

Tell us about your very first line and how your designs have evolved into what they are today?
My collections always were fashion-forward and not relaying on trends, so I am absolutely proud of each and every gown I made. I think of each bridal gown as a work of art that is not held by the specifics of a certain year or collection.

Your dresses are all very unique, nothing like any other designer is putting out, and not a lot of similarities between any of the designs, which we LOVE! Where does your inspiration come from?
Thank you so much!
 I get inspiration for both my ready-to-wear and bridal collections from all sorts of places, usually they come to me from the worlds of art, nature and different cultures as well as old- Hollywood starlets and glamour.

What is the price point range your dresses fall in?
My latest collection starts at around 4’800 USD for a made-to-measure gown.

Tell us about what you did for this Spring’s Bridal Fashion week with the Covid-19
pandemic. Did you release a new line, if so, how did you do it?
Luckily, I was able to shoot my latest Fall-Winter 2020 collection before the pandemic started so I was ready with new looks and styles that are available worldwide right now.

What is your advice for brides who are recently engaged now and looking to start dress shopping?
I think the best advice would be to keep an open mind, try on different styles but try not to lose yourself in the process. Opinions of family members and friends are great, but don’t let them confuse you – you are the most important person and what you feel comfortable and beautiful in is the gown you should get.

One last design focused question, who is your ideal bride, what kind of bride do you design for?
My ideal bride is a confident, fashion-forward woman who values quality. She is always looking into the future, but never forgets the impact of the past.
 She is stunning, timeless, bold and original.

Alon Livne x ‘White’

For those of you who are not familiar with his new line, here is some eye candy you will be sure to fall in love with, just like we did:

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