Bridal Shower

Well,  I told you I would keep you updated with my bridal shower news and here I am.  As I was flying across the country back to Phoenix, I felt so filled with love from seeing all of my family and friends on that unforgettable weekend.

When I last left off with you I had mentioned that I knew I was going to love absolutely everything about the planning and the party, and I did!  Who would have known though, that I would get a nightmare two nights before about it?!  I know I am not the only one that gets nightmares prior to their wedding day but I didn’t think that I would this time around.  Good thing the day turned out completely opposite of what I had dreamt :).

So fast forward to the day of the shower.  It was a rainy, dreary, as usual, day in Pennsylvania (I wonder why I ever moved to Phoenix) and my mom, maid of honor – Corinne had been up early in the morning to get over to my aunt’s house (she hosted the party).  I took my time getting ready, the party didn’t start until 1pm, and actually got some anxiety on the trip over.  Of course, it wouldn’t be my mom if she didn’t forget something and have us turn around, halfway into our trip over to the house – it’s about 35-40 minutes away.

My Aunt has an absolutely beautiful house and as I walked in, I was blown away once again.  Downstairs is where the entertaining part of the house is so that is where everyone was gathered.  As I walked down, all of my amazing friends and family were there to greet me.  It was so overwhelming and beautiful.  Everyone put so much effort into the day and I was beyond words.  For some reason too, I was rather emotional that day so I started to get teary-eyed right away but tried to hold it back as much as possible.

There were fancy mimosas, a spiked hot chocolate bar, naked cake, cake pops and more!

Check out the fun and beauty:

Photos by: Grace & Ardor Co.


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