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Image provided by: The Sparkle Bar

How exciting is it to find out that an all exclusive makeup only shop is opening up in your town by a couple of extremely determined entrepreneurs?  As wedding planners, we can answer that question quite easily for you – it’s AMAZING!  We are absolutely thrilled for our friends at The Sparkle Bar for not only the grand opening of their business but also for passing SB 1320—a bill that frees Arizona makeup artists to practice their craft without threat of being shut down or fined by the government.  Can you say determined?  We attended the grand opening of The Sparkle Bar a few weeks ago and it sure was a hit!  The entire place was packed with models, bloggers, prospective clients, supporters and many more.

The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6Yesterday, I went to check out the makeup application for myself and had an amazing time.  From the second I walked in, I was greeted with such enthusiasm by Leiah (Co-Founder) and she was ready to dive right in.  During the entire application I felt extremely comfortable and at ease.  When she was all finished, I was 100% happy and in love with how I looked.  I was ready to walk down the aisle!

The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6
Image provided by: The Sparkle Bar

The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6

TIP:  One thing that Leiah had stressed to me was to tell her at any point if I didn’t like something or if something didn’t feel right.  Many times girls shy away from saying how they really feel and end up leaving, going home and fixing their application.  That isn’t the point of getting your makeup done.  They are there to make you feel your prettiest so make sure that you speak up while in the chair!

Throughout the entire night, I was receiving compliments on my makeup – especially for my eyes.  I couldn’t wait to tell everyone why and where I got it done.  Oh, and did I mention, you can’t beat the price!  Head over to their website and book your consultation today, you will not be disappointed!



The-Sparkle-Bar, BTS-Wedding-Blog.6

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