Alon Livné, you’re welcome.

Alon Livné. Brides, remember that name! Why? Because we’re here to sprinkle some high wedding fashion into your life today. You may recall seeing some of AL’s designs on Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Naomi Campbell. If you haven’t and we’re introducing AL as a bridal designer to you for the first time, thank us later.

While other designers are pushing the wedding gown envelope with features like sheer tops, low cut backs, and high slits, AL is taking a new direction very different for what is currently trending the bridal world. The direction of his 2018 The White Orchid collection is sexy without scandal. So if there is a low back, he’ll balance it out with a long sleeve. “It’s a little Victorian, but it’s not a costume. It’s Old Hollywood and not just another beaded dress,” Livné said. Um, can you say new trend alert?

Check out some of our favorite gowns from the 2018 collection.

This line is a great second dress option, especially if you’re wanting to keep it traditional for your ceremony. Let us know in the comments which one you’d wear on your big day!



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