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I received a phone call around 3pm in the afternoon.  A lovely sounding lady was on the other end with a beautiful Russian accent.  She said, “I need your help!”  She was in her last weeks of med school and wanted to pull off a surprise wedding for her family.  Her parents, and her fiancé’s parents were coming to town for her graduation, which was the perfect time to surprise them with her wedding.  We were so excited and honored to be apart of such a special occasion but also a bit nervous as time was not on our side.  We had 3 weeks to pull this off.  As wedding planners, we can make just about anything happen but there was one aspect to this wedding that was going to make it just a bit more challenging.  The couple wanted to do an interfaith ceremony.  The bride is Roman Catholic and the groom is Jewish and they wanted both a priest and a rabbi to perform a ceremony.  The flowers, food, decor, and photographer I figured would be no problem, but finding a priest and a rabbi who would both participate in a wedding, under the circumstances that the couple would not be taking any prior classes or attending any meetings, was going to be the tricky part.  

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