5 Groom Must Haves of 2017!

Let us guess….You haven’t found your soon-to-be groom scrolling through Pinterest searching for the top men’s wedding trends. You also haven’t found him buying bridal magazines or shopping for the perfect suit and tie (or tux and tie) for your big day.  Don’t worry we got you AND your man covered! We broke down the top 5 men’s must haves for 2017. Check them out below:

1. Tapered Dress Pants

Yes! Tapered dress pants are totally in and will 100% look great on your man. Many guys are going with this look and not wearing socks with their dress shoes, and let me tell you we are definitely here for it. It is a non traditional look, but a great way to stay on trend with this season’s bridal must haves.

2. Elegant Bow Ties

Here’s one that isn’t just a great find for your groom, but also his groomsmen. If you haven’t fallen in love with Michael Costello’s men’s line yet, you haven’t lived. Costello designs beautiful bow ties that offer the perfect pop of elegance, but still remain masculine. These metal bar bow ties are everything! They come in a variety of colors and styles, and you can even work with the Michael Costello Mens Wear team to customize your own must have bow tie for your special day. The best part about these bow ties? Costello Mens Wear is able to incorporate diamonds into the metal bars on the bow ties.  Yes! That means you won’t be the only one with that bling-bling on your wedding day.

To order from Michael Costello mens wear email costellomenswear@gmail.com.

3. Colored & Textured Tux

We couldn’t find anything more sexy than when a man gets a little daring with his tux choice! You will notice many of your  favorite celeb crushes wearing tux colors besides white and black. A perfect example is Tom Brady’s choice for the Met Gala this year. Let’s just say . . . we know Gisele wasn’t mad! This is a great way for your man to add a touch of a color to his style. On trend colors right now include burgundy’s, blues, emeralds and grey.

4. Shoe With a Pop

Ladies, you know this! Your man’s shoe game must be on point for your wedding day. Let’s say your man wants to stay a little more subtle and classic on top, but do something more fun and different on the bottom. Christian Louboutin has a wide selection of on trend fun dress shoes that allow the perfect pop for his wedding day attire. And don’t worry if your wedding budget doesn’t quite scream red bottoms. Steve Madden also has a great selection of super nice and fun mens shoes, which are very similar to the Louboutin style but not breaking that precious bank account of yours.

5. The Perfect Scent

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme is available for purchase at Nordstrom. 

Looking for that perfect wedding day cologne? We have you covered! After taking a poll from a large selection of ladies we have all agreed that YSL, L’Homme is what your man needs to be wearing on your wedding day. Trust us, after smelling this on him you may not be able to keep your hands off of him during your ceremony. This is a must have! Choosing a special cologne is a great wedding keepsake, and YSL l’Homme  will never steer you down the wrong path.

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