The Bridesmaid – What to Expect


When I was a little girl, I could remember picking out all of my best friends and telling myself I knew exactly who will be in my wedding.  As we all are aware, you grow older, things change and friendships that once were important no longer are.  You find yourself thinking about the ones who mean the most now and narrowing it down or in some instances, you find yourself recruiting for more.  Either way, it is important to understand what the expectations of your Bridesmaids are up front so that it doesn’t become a total disaster or even end in a broken friendship.



It is always exciting to be asked to be a part of one of your friends most special days.  These days, it is even more exciting because there are so many cute and different approaches that brides have been taking to ask the big question.  (Ideas can be found on Etsy and Style Me Pretty) But is being a bridesmaid all that it is cracked up to be?

meIFlaYoVeqf-dvPX4v17fvkk16Wth5RsAFPdB7eONgv4wh2SAGAfvxPQTqlLjYqbTQNrVcPa5kIU2o8uD4nGUGenerally, anyone could go online and google “Roles for Bridesmaids” and would find a list of several different articles that identify the timeline and events in which you need to be present for (that’s what I did).  The dress fittings, bridal shower and bachlorette party; but is that it?  In some cases yes, but in most, no.  Suddenly, you are finding that your role as bridesmaid soon turns into personal assistant and your bank account is now at $12.68.  Do not let yourself do this.  Brides, please do not expect this and bridesmaids, stand up for yourself and know when to say no.  If you are as important as being a part of the wedding, you should be able to tell your bride to cool it and come back to reality.

As a bridesmaid, it is my advice to you is to be prepared for the following:

Be able to answer questions any day and at all hours of the day.  We get you have a life and cannot respond to every text message but, we also know that all of you have your phone right next to you so be helpful and contribute when she asks for your advice.  There’s a reason she is asking you!


Be sure to contribute financially.  Whether it be for the bachelorette party or the bridal shower, things cost money.  The Maid of Honor or the Mother of the Bride cannot be held responsible for all of the costs and fees associated.  So if you haven’t put aside some money, expect to do so.  (By the way, it is your responsibility to pay for your dress!)

Plan on attending at least the bridal shower if not the bachelorette party too.  These are moments to remember and if you miss out on them, you might end up regretting not being there.

Make sure you are available the day before and most importantly, the entire day of the wedding.  Nothing goes right and to plan so if there is something that needs to be done, help out.

Get on the dance floor!  Weddings are meant for dancing and having a blast.  If you find that the party is well, not a party – get up and start dancing!  It’s amazing how people will flock to the floor once they see others dancing.


Brides, although it is your special day, it is important to remember that your bridesmaids are only human.  They will not be able to make it to every venue tour, every dress fitting, fly themselves across the country multiple times and spend their entire life savings on your dream wedding.  Remember, there is a reason you chose them, so appreciate these moments and make it a blast!

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