Wedding Trend: Fresh Floral Necklaces and Accessories

Fresh floral necklaces and other floral accents have become a unique and popular trend these days.  Now, we all know about Hawaiian Leis but, this doesn’t even begin to compare to the many different ways flowers can be used as accessories for your wedding day.  As wedding planners, it is our job to keep up with the latest and greatest in the wedding world, but to be honest, we didn’t know much about these styles until recently!  Once we started looking into them more, we feel in love!  If done the right way, this could be a perfect way to substitute for a bouquet or even use as an addition to the traditional bouquet.  Florists, no doubtably will be up for the challenge to create such unique pieces.

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Inspiration for Wedding Planners

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.46.36 PMEarly last week, BizBash, a pioneer company in our event industry, released a super informative blog which was titled 25 Event Pros You Should Be Following on Instagram.  Just like the title says, they listed their opinion for the 25 most influential Instagram accounts in the event industry.  As wedding planners, we were so excited to read more.  We thought this was so informative and decided we wanted to share our very own list of Instagram inspirations with all of you 🙂 These are the masterminds behind some really trend setting and unique work that we look forward to seeing every day!

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Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Art Bouquet 1

We came across an amazing post on Grace Ormande’s website and we couldn’t wait to share with you.  This is perfect for any bride who is experiencing trouble finding just the right bouquet.  The unique bridal bouquets in this article are not the typical looks found on pinterest.  These are statement making, cutting edge, one of a kind, never been seen before bouquets. Here is the link to the post:

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DIY Wednesday: Flower Seed Favor

 We had such a fun time DIYing favors for our last wedding of the season.

Suzannah & Mike had a garden themed wedding and we had just the favor to go along with it.

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Go Green: Substitute Plants for Flowers In Your Wedding

It’s normal that many brides-to-be picture fresh cut flowers for their wedding. However, there is an excellent alternative to this norm- one that could save you money while also creating a natural, fresh approach to your theme. Substitute the flowers for greenery with potted plants, cacti, and succulents.

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