Bridesmaids: Accepting the role, now what?

RandyBannon-089Congratulations!  You are now a huge part of one of your closest friends or family member’s wedding…now what do you do?  Believe it or not, accepting this role is extremely important and comes with a lot of responsibility.  This isn’t just about dressing up, and carrying around a beautiful bouquet.  This is a commitment you have made to partake in her strongest support system for one of the most important times of her life thus far…kind of a big deal, right?

As a wedding planner, we hear a ton of gripes from the wedding party which is what led me to write this blog.  We hear a lot of complaints about the amount of money that goes into being a bridesmaid whether it is for the dress, travel expenses, showers or the bachelorette party.  The truth of the matter is, being in the wedding party is expensive!  There are no two ways about it.  This is one of the reasons people are asked to be in the wedding party.  This is a question that should be carefully thought about before an answer is given.  Take the time to think it over.  Is this someone you want to support whole heartedly through a very emotional time all while spending hundreds of dollars to do so?  If the answer is no, then be honest and upfront with the bride.  Tell her in a very nice way that this is not a good time to be a part it.  This will save everyone time, effort, stress and money in the long run.

Now if the answer is YES…then let the good times roll on in!  Your bride will be forever grateful for the sacrifices you have put in to make this day very special for her and her new husband. Bridesmaid 2 Standing by your bride through the wedding planning process is so important, but the day of the wedding is even more important.   Your job as a bridesmaid is to assist and help the bride for anything she may need.  Helping her into her dress, making sure she has enough to eat and is well hydrated, watching out for out of place hairs or the need for make-up touch ups, helping the bride use the restroom in her lovely wedding gown, and of course calming her down should anything unexpected happen throughout the wedding day.  Whether the bride has a wedding planner or not, accepting the role of a bridesmaid is extremely important for helping the day run smooth and supporting the most important woman in the room.


This post was not written to talk anyone out of accepting the ever-so-important role of being a bridesmaid, this is only intended to inform all you lovely ladies out there of how important the role of a bridesmaid really is.  Take it seriously, and make this experience un-forgettable for your close friend or family member.  These are memories that will last a life time! BridesmaidsOur new website it up!  Make sure to check it out at BTS Event Management!!

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