Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding Recap

Ladies, today we’re recapping Kaley Cuoco’s wedding, simply because we are unapologetically obsessed! If you’ve scrolled through Instagram and stumbled on her wedding pictures, we’re positive you cannot blame us for being obsessed. Let us be clear, this is not because we’re fangirls. There’s rhyme to our reason, we promise. Below is a list of reasons why we’re absolutely in love.

She didn’t have a bouquet.

She didn’t have a bouquet. Ok, this is absolutely untraditional, but we’re so here for it! Untraditional is a point we’d like to touch on briefly before we go to the next point of admiration. BE YOU! If you’re not a bouquet kinda gal, then ditch the bouquet! Your wedding day should be 100% about you. Never feel obligated to do a certain thing because everyone else does.

Their wedding was at a horse ranch and they included animals.

Their wedding was at a horse ranch and they included animals. Though we’re not huge fans of animals, that doesn’t mean we would deter any bride from incorporating them into their wedding. Kaley and her husband did what they loved by incorporating animals and we’re so here for it!

Horseshoe ceremony decor

Horseshoe ceremony decor. Sticking with the themes of horses. The ceremony decor was pampas grass put beautifully together in the shape of a horseshoe. Um, can you say heart-eye emoji?? We loved this!

The vows!

The vows. Admittedly, we were crying. Kaley said,

I’d go to my phone, and I’d go to my notes, and I tried and I couldn’t write anything,” she said. “I didn’t really understand why because there really were not enough words to describe how I actually, truly feel about you.”

How beautiful were they! Also, cool piece of information–her sister officiated the wedding. What a cool way to incorporate someone you love.

Processional goals.

Processional goals. The singer for the processional was I N C R E D I B L E ! Don’t believe us? Take a listen for yourself. You can find more of Gin Wigmore here.


It suffices to say, we were blown away by this wedding and we knew you’d be too, which is why we shared it with you. What was your favorite part of Kaley’s wedding and which part would you incorporate into your big day? Let us know in the comments.

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