BTS Event Management_Scottsdale wedding Planner_Arizona Wedding-Silver 9 For the last couple of years, when we are in wedding planning and design meetings with our brides and we ask gold or silver, we were almost always hearing gold.  We were also seeing a huge trend in eclectic styles where brides are open to mix-matched metallic accents but lately, we are seeing a huge increase in silver.  Silver and mirrors to be exact.  We love the ever so classic silver touch to an elegant affair and are having a blast creating our new design boards to reflect these looks.  Accenting with silver, creates a very timeless and sophisticated feel.  It creates a look for your wedding that stands still in time, meaning when you look back at your wedding photos in 20 years, you will not be able to tell exactly which year your wedding took place based on the trends.  Silver, ivory and white will always be in style and will never look dated.  Here are some beautiful photos we found on Pinterest that perfectly show silver weddings:

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