This September, BTS Event Management, along with a few other amazing event industry professionals organized an awesome event for WENWEN is a wedding networking group that meets once a month and allows people in the wedding and event industry to get to know one another on a more personal level and build relationships.  This is important because it takes a large team of talented people to create the wedding of your dreams, so knowing each other’s strengths and talents allows us to collaborate on the highest level.  When we designed the event, we wanted to go with a fall theme.  In Arizona, the heat doesn’t allow for a whole lot of weddings or events to take place in the summer, but once it starts to cool off,  our season begins and we are working at full speed.  The WEN event was hosted at the beautiful Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.  We titled the event, Fall Back into the Season.  I would like to share some pictures of this evening:)

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