Men’s fashion has recently become all the rage.  Men no longer are limited with their wedding fashion options, they now have tons of choices when it comes to formal attire.  We first started seeing men care more about what they would be wearing around the time when different options started to become available for them.  As wedding planners, when we would meet with our couples and discuss the guys’ attire, we began to see these fashion options expanding with the use of trendy patterned or colored socks.  We then started noticing a couple different options in tux and suit color choices, tan being one of the first alternatives to traditional black, with grey shortly following.  Recently, navy blue has hit the men’s formal attire fashion scene in a huge way and even more recent, the ever so popular burgundy color has made it’s way into men’s suites.  We are so impressed with the variations and absolutely love working with the grooms and groomsmen who get just as excited about what they will be wearing on their wedding day as their bride does:)  Check out one of our recent grooms, who sported an iridescent burgundy suit.  His look was complimented by guests so much throughout the evening, almost just as much as his stunning bride’s was:

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