This holiday season we have had some pretty incredible weddings that we are still totally obsessing over! If you’re anything like us and have been absolutely loving all of the gorgeous wedding posts that have been filling your Instagram feed and Pinterest pages lately (thank you planners, designers and vendors!) you’re probably considering the ups and downs of having a holiday wedding of your own. Because we love everything wedding planning, and have heard and seen just about everything out there, we’ve put together a little Pros and Cons list with the most common things we hear!

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When the time comes to create a wedding registry, you probably already have a whole list of things you have had your eye on that you can’t wait to get. You’ll register for that dinnerware set from Crate and Barrel that will be absolutely perfect for when you have the in-laws over for the holidays, that all-clad cookware from Williams Sonoma that is way better than the mix and match “set” you have now, and of course there’s that bedding from Pottery Barn that you just have to have! You know where the best places for those kind of items are, but what about things such as vacuums and irons or even all of those kitchen gadgets like coffeemakers and KitchenAids?

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I have two words. Simply Stunning!
The ceremony took place at the Chateau Miraval in France along with the rumored 22 attendees including Brad’s immediate family and their six children who all played a very special role in not only the wedding but, the dress as well.  The first pictures of Angelina’s dress was released last night and I couldn’t help but stare endlessly.  Designed by the always marvelous Donatella

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“You can’t measure love, nor can you adequately describe it to another person. Perhaps more than any other emotion, you know it when you feel it.”

vow books                 book

I recently found a book while browsing through Anthropologie one day titled, LOVE Quotes and Passages from the heart, edited by B.C. Aronson andjust had to pick it up. Instantly, I thought of one of my favorite movies/series, Sex in the City. I flashed back to that moment when Carrie and Big are laying together in bed and she pulls out her library book to begin reading love passages from great authors. What I then thought about was the moment right before the I do’s, when Big called Carrie because he couldn’t think of the right words for his vows and how it ultimately all ties together.

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The photo above is a beautiful first dance captured by Ben and Kelly Photography of one of our very own couples who’s wedding we coordinated this past May. Take a peep at the album on BTS Event Management’s Facebook page!

First dances are always special, but sometimes it’s hard to select the right song to capture the moment. “Part 2 Picking Your Song” is the second addition for picking the perfect song for your first dance. We post 5 great love songs every month that will make you swoon and decide!

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Grooms: would you sport a tux down the aisle if it was as comfortable as your workout gear? That’s all one groom wanted for his wedding day – and he got it! Behold, the “Todd Tux”.

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New colors we love seeing together for weddings are gray and yellow!  We have seen this color scheme for a little while now, but it hasn’t been one of the top picks.  Lately we have been seeing it more and more.  We think this is going to continue to grow in popularity because it is fitting for every season.  Depending on the shades of these colors, this scheme can alternate between cool and warm colors.  Tell us what you think!

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