Don’t get me wrong, this next post is not to be negative in anyway but, the frustration that I have felt in the last 2 months as a new bride to be is real.  Frustrated Bride, BTS Event Management, Wedding Planner, Arizona, Scottsdale, PhoenixEvery single detail, and I mean EVERY single detail, consistently crosses my mind and comes up and then goes away daily.   I keep getting the questions, “It’s probably really easy to plan your wedding since you are a planner, right?”  And “How is planning going?”  Truth be told, the planning process is just as hard as not having any idea about wedding planning.  See, I don’t have a planner, other than Trista, and of course we have our other weddings to worry about so I don’t like to vent a whole lot about our planning process but, the stress and frustration that a new bride goes through during the planning process can really get the best of you.  (Usually I have to break in the middle of our work day and just let it out!)

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