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Image provided by: The Sparkle Bar

How exciting is it to find out that an all exclusive makeup only shop is opening up in your town by a couple of extremely determined entrepreneurs?  As wedding planners, we can answer that question quite easily for you – it’s AMAZING!  We are absolutely thrilled for our friends at The Sparkle Bar for not only the grand opening of their business but also for passing SB 1320—a bill that frees Arizona makeup artists to practice their craft without threat of being shut down or fined by the government.  Can you say determined?  We attended the grand opening of The Sparkle Bar a few weeks ago and it sure was a hit!  The entire place was packed with models, bloggers, prospective clients, supporters and many more.

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Don’t get me wrong, this next post is not to be negative in anyway but, the frustration that I have felt in the last 2 months as a new bride to be is real.  Frustrated Bride, BTS Event Management, Wedding Planner, Arizona, Scottsdale, PhoenixEvery single detail, and I mean EVERY single detail, consistently crosses my mind and comes up and then goes away daily.   I keep getting the questions, “It’s probably really easy to plan your wedding since you are a planner, right?”  And “How is planning going?”  Truth be told, the planning process is just as hard as not having any idea about wedding planning.  See, I don’t have a planner, other than Trista, and of course we have our other weddings to worry about so I don’t like to vent a whole lot about our planning process but, the stress and frustration that a new bride goes through during the planning process can really get the best of you.  (Usually I have to break in the middle of our work day and just let it out!)

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