BTS Event Management, Phoenix Wedding Planner, Scottsdale Wedding Planner-Kelli-24 This couple and their family will forever be in our hearts.  We were fortunate enough to work closely with not only the bride and groom, but the brides mother and father as well.  There weren’t many meetings where one of them was missing, which was so refreshing to see such a close family dynamic.  The love and time that was shared during planning this wedding was a beautiful thing to be apart of. From our very first meeting, Kelli, the bride, had a small picture of what she knew she wanted her wedding to look like.  It was torn out of a magazine and given to us for safe keeping:)  We used this one and only photo for inspiration throughout the entire design process.  It just so happened to be Lauren Conrad’s wedding, which was a fun fact but had no impact for Kelli as to why she chose the photo.  Here is a digital image of the famous photo we were handed:

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