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4 Reasons We’re Obsessed With WAGS, Nicole Williams Boudoir Photos!

You may be familiar with Nicole Williams from E Network’s show WAGS. Many of us have followed Nicole’s sometimes hopeless journey of her engagement to NFL wide receiver, Larry English. At the end of last season, we saw Nicole finally get engaged and we couldn’t have been happier for her. Just last month Nicole and Larry had their big day and not only was everything about her wedding absolutely GORGEOUS, but we are still obsessing over her picture perfect boudoir photos!

Here’s 4 reasons why we can’t get enough: 

1. She Looks Hot AF



I mean let’s just start with that! The natural tones of her makeup for this shoot were perfect. Her makeup was timeless, something that she won’t look back at and say “Why the he*l@ was I wearing bright orange lipstick in these photos?”. Nudes, light pinks, and neutral colors are perfect colors to aim for when you are planning your boudoir photo shoot for your man. As far as hair goes, try soft waves, those never go out of style!

2. She Kept it Sexy, Yet Classy

Publication: Galor Magazine           Photographer: Maddie Cordoba

When taking boudoir photos there’s such a fine line between classy vs. trashy. Boudoir photos should be done tastefully. A lot of times people think boudoir means naked pictures, but the truth is there as so many ways to take pictures your man will love without exposing it all to the camera. Notice how Nicole isn’t wearing the most revealing lingerie, and her thighs are even covered up by sexy thigh high socks. Just know–you can be sexy and classy at the same time!

3. She Incorporated Something Else He Loves

Of course Larry loves Nicole, but he also loves football. Nicole found such a cute way to incorporate Larry’s love for football into her boudoir shoot. The cute lace-up, high-waisted underwear and his jersey were perfect for this shoot. When planning your boudoir shoot, think about the things that your man loves. If he loves books and reading you should pose with books. If he loves cooking choose a sexy outfit for the kitchen! The good thing is…with a little creativity, it’s possible to make almost anything look sexy.



4. Confidence is Key

Nicole is a total bad-ass, and it is so apparent in these photos! Her confidence is transparent. It’s what makes her look so hot. The number one most important key to taking boudoir photos is having that confidence. You need to feel great about yourself when taking these photos. We know how awkward it can feel to wear a little less clothes in front of the camera or act “sexy,” but just remember you are beautiful and sexy. And most importantly, your man is going to love your photos!

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