Phoenix and Scottsdale based wedding and event planners

Alex Rimer

Wedding/Event Coordinator

Hey there! I’m Alex and I am BTS’s Lead Wedding/Event Planner. I have been living in Phoenix, Arizona since the summer of 2012 and I love everything about it! I graduated with a degree in Sports Management/ Marketing from a small town in Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in the east coast and even had the opportunity to live in the magnificent NYC. I still look back on it just about every day. Growing up, I was a lover of sweatpants, sneakers and hair ties and most of the time, I could be found on the baseball diamond, basketball court or field hockey field. Since then, I have done a complete 180 and I have become a fashion lover, makeup wearer, hair doer and nail painter – things really have changed! Other than that, I recently just had a sweet baby girl, Penelope, and my life couldn’t be any better! I absolutely love snapping pictures on my camera, snuggling with my dog and redecorating. I am a hopeless romantic always inspired by a true love story and I am utterly obsessed with everything having to do with flowers. Every day I feel like I am living a dream and I am not yet ready to wake up!